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WQM Pression de Jardin Bouteille Pulvérisateur extérieur Fleur Plante arrosage Vaporiser Outils de Jardin Pulvérisateur avec bandoulière Jardiner Outil (V) E

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Description des produits
  • Precautions: 1, the bottle needs to have the remaining space to save pressure, please do not exceed the water line when filling.
  • 2. When pressurizing, the required air pressure can be achieved by pressing the number of times 15-20 or so. When you have less water, you can play a few more times. If you have more water, you will play less. The excess pressure will be released automatically, not leaking.
  • 3, if not used for a long time, if there is pressure in the bottle, it may cause wear and tear on the parts of the sprayer. Please empty the bottle, release the pressure and clean it to maintain a longer life.
  • 4, when not in use, please store in a cool and dry place as much as possible, prohibiting long-term exposure, so as not to cause the air pressure to increase due to the high temperature inside the bottle, breaking the bottle body and causing unnecessary loss.
  • 5, before we ship, we will conduct a quality inspection on each sprayer to ensure that each product is delivered to the customers in good condition, so there may be traces of clean water in the bottle, which is normal.
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